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Free things to do in Vancouver

24 Listings

Free things to do in Vancouver when rent is late but you still feel like having a good time.

Indoor activities for rainy days

29 Listings

Things to do when it's raining outside (again!) and you'd rather have some fun in a warm, dry area.

Monthly events & festivals in Vancouver

20 Listings

Monthly listings of the top festivals and events in Vancouver.

Popular places to eat

12 Listings

The more standard restaurants to eat at and food to enjoy in Vancouver, BC.

Random things to do

32 Listings

Random list of things to do in Vancouver that might not fit in any single category.

Unique places to buy stuff

10 Listings

Places to spend your money in Vancouver that are not-so well known as others

Unique places to eat

33 Listings

Unusual things to eat and unique restaurants in Vancouver, BC.

Unique things to do at night

23 Listings

Things to do at night when you get tired of Granville Street.

Unique ways to enjoy nature

35 Listings

Unusual and fun things to do outside in Vancouver in the summer, winter, spring or fall.

Unique ways to get exercise

10 Listings

For those of us who despise downward dog poses and hate hiking up mountains.

What to do for your birthday

12 Listings

Birthday party ideas for people celebrating their Big Day (whether it be 10, 20, 50 or 100!)

Why not - escape the city!

3 Listings

Quick trip ideas to escape Vancouver when you can't handle the city anymore.