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24 Hours of Winter Keeps Grouse Mountain Going All Night Long!

24 Hours of Winter Keeps Grouse Mountain Going All Night Long!

Ever woken up at 2am and thought — “oh man, I really wish I was snowboarding right now!!”? Grouse Mountain has exactly what you’re looking for with 24 Hours of Winter coming back to Vancouver for the fourth consecutive year.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of seeing the sunrise from the slopes of Grouse Mountain, you’ve gotta try it. During 24 Hours of Winter Grouse Mountain is keeping its lifts running and the music pumping for 24 hours on February 8-9, 2014.

While our Canadian athletes are battling it out at the 2014 Olympic Games, you can celebrate on the slopes with 24 consecutive hours of skiing and boarding at the Peak of Vancouver.

Dance the chill of the night away under starry skies (hopefully) with DJ Flipout and Zak Santiago spinning their favourite tracks until 4am. Glide down The Cut while taking in a spectacular Vancouver sunrise or enjoy one of the many family-friendly activities.

24 hours of winter grouse mountain 2014

And, for your convenience, a complimentary shuttle will be running late Saturday/early morning Sunday between Grouse Mountain and key North Shore locations.

No word as to whether they’ll be playing Olympic events in the chalet, but we can always hope for it! Imagine watching Canadians win gold medals while chowing down on a huge pound of fries – now, that’s what we call a good morning!

Tickets are the same price, so if you don’t have a pass you’ll be paying $58 for an adult lift ticket, and $45 for a youth lift ticket (full list of rates).

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