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Full Moon Beach Party on Friday the 13th

Full Moon Beach Party on Friday the 13th

Full moon.. Friday the 13th… It only means one thing… GIANT FULL MOON BEACH PARTY IN VANCOUVER! (Or werewolves…) This June 13, 2014 revelers will be taking to the beaches of Vancouver to take part in the second ever (?) Full Moon Beach Party. Forget Thailand, Vancouver’s taking a stab at throwing a huge bash on the beach.

The Facebook event page for the Vancouver Full Moon Beach Party is a little sparse. There is no information listed yet about the event, except that it will be on a beach… in Vancouver… on June 13th.

But, I think we can assume that it will probably be at Wreck Beach, because if there’s a plan to throw a huge rager at Spanish Banks, you’ll be able to count the minutes it takes cops to show up on one hand.

So far there are over 3,000 people invited to the event, with over 3,500 already committed to attending. So, it’s either going to be an epic gong-show, or a complete disaster. Lets hope for an epic awesome time where everyone takes care of themselves and doesn’t leave garbage everywhere!

You can do it, kids!

full moon party vancouver

If you want to check out the event page for the event, RSVP on Facebook. Hopefully it will be updated again before the actual day of the event. Make sure you bring a bucket for your booze!

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  1. Sounds like a yabbadabbadoo time

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