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Cheap & Popular: Stephos

Posted by in on 1-13-12

Cheap & Popular: Stephos

The Greek do their food right, full of cheese and egg and grease and other delicious ingredients that make you feel huge regret at the end of the meal. Stephos is no different from any other of the Greek restaurants you can find in Vancouver, except it’s cheap. Cheap meals and huge portions equals another restaurant with a huge lineup.

It’s good to go with a large group of people and share meals. Unless you’re like me, who prefers to guard the plate with a knife and fork while simultaneously stuffing my face as quickly as possible.

stephos vancouver cheap restaurants I am a sucker for Greek food, and this greek food is made fairly well. The lamb is cooked nicely, the spanakopita had two big delicious triangles, and the calamari was golden and crispy. After ordering the food was delivered really quickly and my water glass was never left empty.

Best of all, expect to leave the restaurant with a big paper bag full of greasy wonderful leftovers.

You’ll be able to find other tasty Greek restaurants easily in Vancouver, but Stephos manages to get by with it’s cheap prices and large portions.

Where: 1124 Davie St
How Much: $10-15
Why: Cheap food, greek food
Website: Stephos on Yelp

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